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The Spartanburg County Detention Facility has now opened a major part of its database to the public. Using XML, JavaScript, and Perl programming, we are now able to give the public access to not only information about current inmates, but everyone else who has been booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Facility since September 10, 2007. That is the day the jail began using its new Spillman database. For a number of reasons, names entered into the old system's database prior to that date were not transfered to the new system.

This report will show all booking and release information that took place for each name referenced in our database.

In order to facilitate their location, the last names are grouped into alphabetical files of manageable size. Some files, such as "X" will contain all names beginning with that letter in one file. Other letters, such as "M", will contain two, three, or more alphabetical file categories, necessitating the use of the first and second letter of the inmate's last name. As our database grows, the file names will change in order to accomodate the growth of each file.

The drop down box in the upper left corner of the page reveals the file names. Simply click on the appropriate file, according to the first, and possibly second, letter of the inmates last name and that page will automatically be loaded to your screen. The loaded page will show the names contained in that file. The last column on the right will indicate the most recent release date for the individual. If the individual is currently incarcerated, the last column will state, "IN JAIL". Click on the desired name, and that inmate's booking and release history with the jail will be revealed along with his or her picture. Clicking on the picture will produce a new window with a larger picture.

This web page is currently being updated hourly at five minutes after the hour. If you happen to access or refresh the page at exactly that time, during the few seconds when data is being uploaded, you may get an error message. If that happens, just refresh the page and the updated information will appear. The date and time (in military format) of the last update appear at the top of the web page, along with the file name.

When a search page is first accessed, it may take a few seconds for it to download to your computer, depending on your connection speed. As our database grows, we are attempting to keep each file under a megabyte in size.

The numbers in the "Statute" column can usually tell you more specifically the particular offense for which that inmate has been charged. The first 8 numbers, which are formatted as "00-00-0000", indicate the general statute found in the South Carolina Code of Laws that the inmate is charged with violating. Many times, however, these statutes have various sections and subsections. Most of the drug violations, for example, are found in section 44-53-0370 of the S.C. Code of Laws. To learn more specifically the nature of the offense, you need to look at the four numbers following the statute. These four numbers are called "CDR" codes. Most state offenses in South Carolina have been assigned a four digit CDR code. You can enter this four digit code on the S.C. Supreme Court's web site at and learn more specifically the nature of the charges lodged against an inmate. This will lead you to the particular section of the statute that is being charged, for which you will find a link. More information about CDR codes and their use can be found at If an inmate is charged with violating a municipal ordinance, the first three letters of the municipality will be found in the Statute column, followed by the ordinance number. A county ordinance violation will indicate "cou ord", followed by the ordinance number. Spartanburg County ordinances can be found here. A statute number of "00-00-0000" indicates a common law offense which has not been codified in the South Carolina statutes.